Jury Verdicts Obtained By Bruce G. Clark For His Clients

$3,000,000 for the death by suffocation of a 64 year old mother from blood clots in her lungs.

$4,500,000 for injury to a child in the delivery room following birth. The attending obstetrician held the child up by the feet after delivery and then allowed the child to slip from his hands, hitting its head on the floor.

$4,000,000 awarded to a 43 year old woman who had her gall bladder removed with the use of a laparoscope. The surgeon performing the operation did not tell the patient that it was the surgeon’s first laparoscopic operation upon a human being until the patient was about to be wheeled into the operating room. During the operation the surgeon mistakenly cut the common hepatic duct and mistakenly clamped the common bile duct. The surgeon then discharged the patient from the hospital while she was deathly ill. The patient has since had three major operations to reconstruct her bile ducts and six minor procedures to open blockages. She will need future surgery for hernias.

$2,000,000 awarded to a 12 year old child whose vocal cords were damaged in an operation to remove a cyst from the throat. The child has been left with a permanent hoarseness.

$2,750,000 awarded to a girl with a withered arm caused by excessive force applied by the obstetrician at birth.

$3,500,000 awarded to a young woman whose oral surgeon negligently biopsied tissue on the roof of her mouth. Cancer cells were left in the roof of her mouth and it was necessary to remove most of the roof of her mouth and a substantial portion of her upper jaw.

$1,650,000 awarded to a 51 year old man who was left with a substantial weakness of his left side following open heart surgery.

$1,600,000awarded to a child with a weakness of her right hand following birth injury when the obstetrician did not deliver the child by cesarean section when the fetal monitor showed that the baby was in distress.

$2,000,000 awarded to a scientist for loss of vision in one eye when his physicians negligently failed to diagnose and treat retinal detachment.

$5,000,000 awarded to a young woman for negligent heart surgery when her surgeons failed to repair a hole in the septum of her heart.

$1,325,000 to a teenager when a clamp was mistakenly left on an artery to her leg during transplant surgery. She developed compartment syndrome, needed two more operations and is left with a weakness of her leg.

$4,500,000 to a child born prematurely after his mother’s obstetrician miscalculated his mother’s due date. The child has cerebral palsy with spasticity of the legs and fine motor deficits.

$2,750,000 to a man whose surgeon negligently repaired a ruptured bowel resulting in peritonitis and needing extensive abdominal reconstruction.

$3,500,000 to 64 year old man who was taken off Coumadin after a nosebleed and suffered a stroke paralyzing half of his body and impairing his ability to speak.

$2,850,000 to a 40 year old man whose orthopedic surgeon negligently treated a fractured ankle, leading to infection and a permanently disabled ankle.

Bruce G. Clark represented the Estate of Andy Warhol in the medical malpractice action arising from his death. The action was settled during the trial for an amount that must remain confidential by agreement.




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