Settlements Obtained By Bruce G. Clark For His Clients

The following settlements obtained by Bruce G. Clark range in amount from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multi-millions of dollars. Under the law of the State of New York, settlements must be paid within 21 days of receipt of closing papers by the defendant’s attorney or within 90 days if the case is settled by a municipality. To protect client confidentiality and because cases are usually settled with the agreement that the settlement will remain confidential, names of parties, attorneys, insurance companies and more precise details of the factual situations are withheld.

Infant brain-damaged causing cerebral palsy after mother’s water broke and hospital emergency room physicians sent her home allowing the fetus to become infected

Infant brain-damaged causing cerebral palsy when physicians mistakenly catheterized an artery causing death of the infant’s intestines and abdominal tissue

Infant brain-damaged causing cerebral palsy when delivery room nurse failed to diagnose seizure in newborn infant leading to cardiac arrest

Blindness of businessman undiagnosed by optometrist who claimed to be checking for glaucoma

28 year old man brain-damaged during shoulder operation

Clothing designer blinded by radiation therapy intended to reduce pop-eyes condition caused by abnormal thyroid

18 year old man with progressive kidney failure leading to kidney replacement with donor kidney

16 year old woman with partial paralysis of leg from surgeon tying off the wrong artery in kidney replacement operation

56 year old woman brain damaged and comatose after emergency room physicians failed to diagnose impending stroke

43 year old husband and father died of heart attack when physician did stress test in his office

32 year old wife and mother of two died after being placed on the wrong dialysis machine

60 year old woman operated upon to remove gauze pad and rubber band left in her abdomen at operation for ectopic pregnancy 30 years before

45 year old woman needs repeat open-heart surgery after a piece of camera was left in heart at heart valve replacement operation

Single mother died of breast cancer after radiologist advised patient not to seek surgical consultation for breast lump

Child brain-damaged after obstetrician left to attend Christmas party during mother’s labor

World famous artist died after gallbladder surgery

60 year old man has massive heart attack after his physician failed to read report of cardiac stress test showing substantial blockage of coronary arteries

50 year old executive has heart replacement after coronary artery surgery and intensive care physicians fail to note electrocardiogram readings showing that heart was not receiving blood

Infant with paralyzed arm after obstetrician used force on head and neck to free shoulder during delivery.

Young mother with communication between rectum and vagina following child delivery in which tear of tissue was not correctly repaired

Infant brain-damaged causing cerebral palsy when umbilical cord delivered before the child’s head and obstetrician failed to tell patient to get to nearest hospital immediately

Young man died of cancer negligently removed by laparoscopic surgery causing the cancer to be seeded on the abdominal wall

60 year old woman blinded by infection negligently treated by ophthalmologist

Uterus ruptured when obstetrician failed to come to hospital when mother with weakened uterus went into labor

Woman bled to death following cardiac catheterization

Young man had jaw amputated after dentist’s ancient x-ray machine failed to reveal malignant cyst

Young woman needs multiple operations to leg after medical payment insurance company refuses to pay for specialist in bone tumors to operate and, instead, orders inexperienced orthopedic surgeon to do an operation he has never done before

Young man sustains brain damage when ambulance driver fails to secure wheelchair which rolls out of ambulance dropping patient on his head

20 year old woman has repeated surgery for scoliosis after surgeon applies excessive pressure and cuts through vertebrae

13 year old child with unusual sore on arm is biopsied by pediatrician and tissue sent to laboratory where it was misdiagnosed by lab technician who failed to recognize cancer

Sanitation worker with young wife and child died following an operation to release scar tissue after surgeon punctured the pancreas, major artery and small intestine

32 year old husband and father who died of a heart attack after a stress test was misinterpreted.

62 year old woman has leg amputated after negligent treatment of infection.

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