Throwing the Book at Doctors – This article, published in Sunday Newsday, profiles Bruce G. Clark and his profession.

Million Dollar Verdicts – Written by Bruce G. Clark, this article is a discussion on large verdicts in malpractice lawsuits. Clark details which aspects of a case lead to large verdicts, and provides illustrations from his experience.

Specialization, Referral Fees and Professional Responsibility – An examination of specialization in law. This article, also written by Bruce G. Clark, describes the importance of specialization and its mechanics, paying particular attention to referral fees and their role in ensuring that plaintiffs are properly represented.

Lawyer Duty – Bruce G. Clark describes his experience when he is called upon for jury duty.

Radiation Injuries – Bruce G. Clark explains how radiation treatment can be a wonderful thing, but only when the treatment is done properly. Recent literature has shed light on the problem of improper radiation therapy.

Avoiding Malpractice – Peter Gale, Esq. discusses patients’ rights and how to avoid being a victim of malpractice.


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